Considering Purchasing A Home? Evaluate the Following 16 Points:

The process of purchasing a new home is thrilling. Our storey parallels that of almost every family we’ve encountered over the years. Throughout our travels through the real estate market, we’ve seen not just horror tales but also some really lovely little acts of kindness by certain homeowners and real estate agents.

To be fair, I think that not all unpleasant shocks associated with property purchases are the fault of dishonest sellers or inattentive brokers. The majority of homeowners are honest, industrious individuals who have already invested a substantial sum of money in their house, money that we often do not notice at first sight. Nevertheless, we are all human. Even the most acute observer is capable of being oblivious to faults that are apparent to another and vice versa.

When I mention considerations for us to consider, I’m not talking to a house inspection. Typically, we get a house inspection but bear in mind that a normal home inspection is limited in scope. Even the most experienced home inspector cannot see beyond the walls. Surface indications may only serve as a guide for him/her. Naturally, a professional inspector will scale the roof and check under the home for signs of termites or other issues. A professional home inspector would very certainly confirm a number of small problems that we may have missed.

However, there are a few things we should do for ourselves, and after years of being forced to move on occasion, we’ve learned to prioritize the following:

1. The flooring

They should, of course, be robust, but will they satisfy our specifications? Is wood used to construct them? If this is the case, what kind of floor maintenance is necessary? Will they need regular maintenance, or will they be durable? Is it true that they are constructed of wood, or is it a laminate? Over time, floors take a lot of damage, which is why it’s important to dive deep and verify that our floor is a good match for us.

2. The Walls

Proceed cautiously, paying particular attention to obstacles. Is evidence of patches present? If patches are ever created for whatever reason, they will be repaired in an unnoticeable manner. If we can see the patch, it was a do-it-yourself repair, and we may learn, to our dismay, why the repair was made in the first place. Confirm this information with the seller.

3. Air conditioning and insulation

Air conditioning is now installed in almost every house. That is accurate. We’ve visited many really beautiful houses, and despite the fact that the furnace and fan were located upstairs or even in the attic, we found that with the air on, the ground level was comfortably cool while the upper rooms remained steamy. While it is preferable to have separate air conditioners for the upstairs and downstairs, this is not always possible.

4. The windows

We’ve discovered the need to properly open, close, and lock all windows. Additionally, they should be double-paned, but some older homes may have single-pane windows.

5. The system of plumbing

It’s prudent to descend and carefully examine the area around the toilet. Leakage of even the tiniest amount may indicate the existence of more serious problems. While this is not a significant problem, it is still not something you want to enter blindly. You will very certainly need the help of a plumber before the problem deteriorates.

6. Appliances

All appliances must be examined prior to being used. That is, I am not referring to merely turning them on and seeing their illumination. Numerous appliances, such as a stove, refrigerator, or microwave, turn on and off, but do all of their distinct tasks operate properly? This may take time, but resolving such problems later will cost more time and additional money.

7. Its Architectural Style

We must seriously consider the floor layout of the home. We may not consider it, but will there be bottlenecks as a frantic family rushes about the home preparing for the new day? Is it possible to open the refrigerator without tumbling over the dishwasher? Can the bathroom door be opened without colliding with the toilet or its present occupant?

8. Furthermore, It Is External

We had the roof examined and obtained a certificate from a professional roofer certifying that the roof had at least another five years of usable life, but what about the outside in general? I’m not talking to previously unseen work, but to the general colour scheme and landscaping? Will we be OK with these for the foreseeable future, or will repainting the home take precedence? Do we approve of the landscaping? Can we bear it for another several year?

Purchasing a new home for yourself or your family is one of the most significant choices you will ever make. Throughout the procedure, it is important to use caution. Fortunately, there are several sound suggestions that may help you in successfully completing this job.

The first half of the subjects have been discussed previously. This time, I’m going to tackle the subject more broadly. Consider the last eight things to consider when buying a home in more detail.

Utilize an Appropriate Real Estate Listings Site

Today, there are hundreds of online listing services. It is essential that you choose a reliable real estate website with property listings appropriate for your region, budget, and desired price. An excellent real estate listings website will provide tips that will assist you in saving time and locating the house of your dreams.

Obtain Additional Information Regarding the Listed Property

A real estate listing website enables you to browse a variety of houses for sale in your neighbourhood. You should do further research on any postings that catch your eye. Real estate search engines such as Newlaunchportal and thegazanias offer comprehensive demographic and neighbourhood information, making it simple to evaluate if a property is a suitable match for your requirements and preferences. Let us concentrate on a few key points:

– Is the home within walking distance of a school?

– What is the area’s crime rate?

– Is there a hospital or clinic within a reasonable driving distance?

– Is the location of the home convenient for public transportation?

The answers to these questions will assist you in determining whether the home is a good fit for you and your family.

Your Realtor’s Language

In the home-buying process, a realtor is critical. Select an experienced realtor who has expertise selling homes in the area where you want to live. A local realtor will have a better chance of obtaining favourable results. Additionally, it is essential that you choose a realtor that communicates in your native tongue.

Conduct a Property Examination

Without inspecting the property, you cannot make a final decision. A same-day viewing with your agent enables you to physically examine the home. Attending an open house is important since it provides you with the opportunity to examine the property. Bear in mind, however, that an open house is a technique used by realtors to market properties. You will be asked to see the property concurrently with other potential buyers. Realtors utilize open houses to promote competition among property buyers.

Allow yourself sufficient time to examine the property. Conduct an examination of the house’s structure, landscaping, and amenities. A comprehensive home inspection will evaluate if the house is suitable for you and your family.

Analyze the Circumstances

Concentrate on buying a house in an area that is seeing an increase in property values. Typically, homes located near hospitals, shopping centres, and schools increase in value over time. This increases your home’s worth.

Should I Purchase a Fixer-Upper, or Should I Purchase a Move-In?

You must determine if the home is ready to move into or whether it is in need of repairs. eg. The Gazania condo by Singhaiyi is always ready to help solve repair problems. Cosmetic work is not required on a move-in home. It is now vacant and available for immediate occupancy. A fixer-upper needs modest to significant aesthetic work, such as repainting, repairing minor wood floor damage, fixing roof gutter and electrical systems, and so forth. Negotiating with a seller of a fixer-upper will be simpler than negotiating with a seller of a move-in home.

Conditions of Payment

Is the vendor requesting full payment? Is the seller prepared to take a second mortgage in return for a large portion of their money upfront? With a second mortgage, you may repay the seller’s outstanding debt in monthly instalments. If your lender is unable to provide the whole purchase price, you might consider negotiating with a seller willing to take a second mortgage.

Adhere to Your Gut Feelings

Your intuition will tell you whether you are looking at the right home. If you trust your intuition, you will be able to make the greatest choice. Additionally, consider the intended use of the property. Is this a main residence or a secondary residence? Ignoring your intuition is a grave error!

Buying a house is undoubtedly one of the most important choices you will ever make. By following the eight recommendations above, you should be able to effortlessly buy the house of your dreams.

Ticketbox app for home improvement and Property search

Ticketbox. The Ticketbox app was developed with the help of technology.

Mr. John Hosanna has put this app through its paces on both the iOS and Android operating systems. He gave it a perfect score of 5/5. That’s what he had to say. “I have never used an app that is both powerful and easy to use to search for a property before.” Singapore is a small country, but the number of properties available there is significantly higher than in some other more prominent countries. Consequently, an app that can search for properties in real time is absolutely necessary. The article he wrote and reviewed is included below.

Have you ever considered what happens to my digital assets if I forget about them for an extended period of time? Maintaining the security of your documents may seem obnoxious, but it is absolutely necessary!

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the traditional demographics associated with estate planning have shifted dramatically. There has been an increase in mortality rates, and more people in Singapore are becoming more forgetful.

The fact is that in more than 80 percent of all families, one person is in charge of all of the finances and is responsible for paying all of the bills. What happens when he or she becomes distracted from the daily task?

The methods of document protection have evolved in tandem with the advancement of digital technology. Protecting your digital documents appears to be a viable option.

But what happens when you need an app to remind you to do something?

Mr Johan Ismail, a director of a company that makes use of the app, stated that it assists their clients in identifying the Freehold condo in Singapore that they are looking for. It also allows their users to keep track of the properties that are currently available on the market. Whether it’s 99 years, a new launch, developer sales, or something else.

Picture was taken from

What happens to all of the records they keep, all of the bills they pay, and all of the financial paperwork associated with your will and wishes at the end of the day, and who will inherit it all after you pass away?

We have a smartphone app – Ticketbox – that will allow you to provide your family with all of the necessary documents and instructions to answer this creeping question.

Let’s give this app a rating based on the app’s features, benefits, and areas that need improvement, taking into consideration all of the available ratings and customer reviews.

Here’s a look at the Ticketbox mobile application.

What exactly is the Ticketbox application?

The Ticketbox app, developed by Young Jack, is the most effective and convenient smartphone app for managing and storing your estate plan and life stories all in one place.

It allows you to store important document information and share financial information, personal certificates and information about funeral arrangements with the specific people you specify after making a payment through this app. It relieves your family of unnecessary stress and enables the people you care about to cope better as a result of using the app.

Three things you can and should do with the Ticketbox mobile application!

In order to save your last wishes and organize important information so that you can share it with your loved ones, here are the top three advantages of using the Ticketbox app.

– With proper resource planning and allocation, you can put an end to family chaos.

– Provide your loved ones with the exact location of important documents as well as all passwords in the event of your death.

– Provide all of the necessary information about all of the bills you pay on a monthly basis.

The Most Important Functions of the Ticketbox App

While the app has a plethora of features, let’s take a look at a few that we thought were particularly interesting.

Post photographs of your property.

Everyone wants the assets they have with them to be transferred to their family when they are no longer able to care for them themselves. However, how will your family know where you have hidden all of your property photographs after you have passed away?

It is possible to share the exact location of financial and personal documents with the people you choose using the Ticketbox app.

Typically, families end up in bitter disagreements over which properties to sell, and a few of them go to court to resolve their differences. You can use the Ticketbox app to divide assets in the manner of your choosing after death, thereby avoiding such conflicts. Avoid messy asset disputes by specifying what property to post and who will receive which possessions in your will or trust.

completely outfitted with Cloud Security

When it comes to funding and asset division, security is a major source of concern.

Ticketbox stores confidential information on its cloud servers, which are accessible via the app. This app protects all of your data by encrypting it locally on the user’s device and requiring a passcode to access it.

1. Enter all of the property’s prices.

You can also plan your sale by completing all of the necessary arrangements through the Ticketbox app.

1.Leave notes for the next buyer to read.

After you’ve sold a property, you can communicate with your buyer using the Ticketbox app to share your thoughts and messages. It makes it easier for your buyer to recall you every time he or she purchases something from you.

What distinguishes this application from others?

Even though there are a plethora of digital estate apps available, the Ticketbox app provides a comprehensive solution for storing your documents (for example, important contacts such as accountants, lawyers, clergy, and others) after your death.

1. Create a list of categories that are segmented.

A user can capture all of the details with the Ticketbox app, which divides information into categories and subcategories and guides users step-by-step for literally every perspective on life.

When you first log in, you’ll see a list of complete categories, including “My Finances,” “Property,” “Post Property,” “Account,” and “Home.”

1. A spoken audio interface is available.

To guide you through the setup and explanation process, this app makes use of a simple spoken audio interface. It also provides a handy status update on how many subcategories remain to be completed.

User information can be typed in or recorded directly via video to make the system more user-friendly.

Advantages and disadvantages


Stay involved in your loved one’s life for the rest of your days, and store your belongings in a safe place.

– Ticketbox Cloud Security, which includes passcode security

– The spoken audio interface provides a convenient way to receive status updates.

– The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

– Excellent app for estate planning and financial planning. – The most effective app for documenting and storing important information.

debt management – debt consolidation – debt consolidation loan

Cons – The user interface could be better.

Additional information and review of the Ticketbox


The Ticketbox app (known as Ticketbox in the App Store) is completely free to use. It does, however, include in-app purchases that provide lifetime access.

MAD’s Final Decision

The Ticketbox app is a smartphone application that, while it may seem strange to you, is actually quite useful in some situations. The funeral industry is changing dramatically, and online funeral planning is becoming increasingly popular. After the COVID -19 strike, the number of people who want to buy a house has increased. When faced with a situation like this, there are immediate needs that must be met.

This app performs admirably in the areas of Property and real estate management, credit management, debt management, and estate planning, among other things. It provides instructions to your next buyer so that they are aware of the type of house you will be selling them in the future. It assists you in putting together and sharing how you want to be remembered, as well as making your final wishes easily accessible.

Ticketbox is a time-saving application that should not be overlooked. It’s completely free. Available for download on iOS devices through the App Store and on Android devices through Google Play.

Renovation Costs Involved to a Beautiful Home

It’s worth thinking about the financial value of a new kitchen. The best cost range to renovate a kitchen yourself is 5-15 percent of the home’s current value. Spending less than 5 percent will reduce the chances of increasing the value of your home, but spending more than 15 percent will not guarantee a good return on your project. 

The kitchen is the most expensive part of a property due to the material-intensive requirements such as countertops, tiles, cabinets, the additional need for plumbing and electrical work, and the ample space you have to work with renovating the kitchen. The installation of cabinets usually accounts for 20-40 percent of the budget. 

Many factors affect the overall cost of the kitchen renovation, such as labour, materials, cabinetry and appliances. With the myriad of options in finishes, materials, and styles, it can be challenging to stick to a reasonable budget. 

Depending on the company you choose, there are several ways to customize your manufactured home. Most builders offer different finishing packages and upgrades that allow for additional floor plans and configurations, but be aware that these changes can drive up the price of your home. The main difference between financing a manufactured home and a prefab home is the down payment. When choosing the manufactured home builder and lot, you need to know how much house you can afford. 

There is a significant difference between paying for an existing home and paying for a new home. When you build a home, you make regular payments until the work is completed. When you buy an existing home, you pay the seller in full when you take possession of the house. You can either finance your home with a loan or secure the money with a mortgage. 

To build a house, much money is needed. If you don’t own the building or land, you will need thousands of dollars to complete the project before the property can be purchased. Your lender may require a down payment of 5 to 20 per cent of the project cost. 

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when making your decision. Don’t forget the elements necessary to determine the cost of renovating your home. Most home renovations require the contractor to come back at a later date for maintenance and updating work. You have a better guarantee on a new home than a renovated one. 

The national average cost to demolish a home is $8,000. However, your price will vary depending on the location, size of the house, and other factors. The average cost to demolish and rebuild a home is $1,100 per square foot, depending on the size of the home. If rebuilding a new home is planned, the total cost can increase significantly. Demolishing a home requires much planning, including obtaining the proper permits and preparing the land for new construction. 

To analyze the cost of hiring an interior designer, we collected the final cost of completed projects from several major interior design firms in Singapore. We found that the average range of interior design projects ranged from $34,000 for a new two-bedroom flat to $235,000 for an estate. We also found that HDB projects tended to be 25% more expensive than new HDBs at resale. This is probably because the new owner has to spend more money repairing dilapidation and damage than a new flat where no renovation is required. If you are having a hard time deciding on the theme and costs of renovation, why not invest in a new launch condos whereby the homes come prebuilt with luxury, modern and beautiful interior design. You can find a collection of new condo projects here at

A modern prefab house with 3,000 square feet. As a rule of thumb, prefabricated homes are average 10-25 percent cheaper than owner-occupied homes. Labour costs are lower because you don’t have to send carpenters, plumbers and electricians to each site. Mass-produced materials and assembly lines lower costs significantly, as do factories that buy materials in bulk. Fast construction times also save money. 

Interior designers don’t just buy and arrange furniture for your home. They are responsible for developing designs, sketching 3D renderings, advising on materials and colour schemes, breaking down your costs, and then starting work. 

The vast majority of builders are looking for a way to meet their renovation needs without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Thanks to today’s technology, we can see superb finishes that mimic the real thing without the associated costs. Designers have had to implement creative ideas, explore new materials, and achieve lavish looks without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how you can get closer to your design aesthetic on a family-friendly budget. 

It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to creating a modern farmhouse interior. By sticking to simple sophistication, you can add natural elements that will enhance the contemporary farmhouse interior to your liking. To mimic the everyday appeal of modern farmhouse decor, opt for matte finishes and low shine materials in the spirit of valuing casual, relaxed and everyday glamour. Opt for a mix of industrial metal for modern country home decor and counterbalance it with elegant white marble countertops and a large country sink. 

Today’s approach to modern farmhouse interiors is an understated combination of intense minimalism, chic country elements, fun and experimental elements, and decorative trends that celebrate freedom and individuality. Modern farmhouse interiors have it all: a vibrant mix of old and new, comfortable and calming. 

Your hallway doesn’t have to reflect the decorating palette of the rest of the house, but it should reflect the quality of the design. Banner Image exclusive to Hong Kong Residences AB Concept Hallways sets the tone for luxurious interior design. This concept by Ryan Brown has unique features such as the glass floor and cathedral-like space that reveals the home’s underground wine cellar. 

The secret to a memorable hallway is breathability. A successful entrance hall enhances rather than detracts from the space it introduces. Hallways are functional spaces for a reason, of course, but they need care and imagination to bring them to life. No matter how you decorate your hallway, every new encounter we experience is the first impression. Whether it’s meeting someone for the first time or entering a home for the first time, that first impression will last forever. 

No matter what you choose, it pays to do thorough research before you put your house together because it is one of your most significant and most important investments.

Energy efficiency is crucial for the future. Built homes tend to be more efficient than renovated ones. If energy efficiency is essential to you, demolishing and rebuilding is the way to go. Homes in poor condition are generally better to renovate

Why You Should Install Concrete Flooring At Your Home

Anyone who has seen a concrete floor enriched with brown earth knows that concrete can be warm and inviting. Polished concrete floors are generally more slippery than regular concrete surfaces when stored clean and dry, and tend to be more slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble. Using a high gloss sealer can also reduce traction somewhat, but this can also be remedied by mixing slip-resistant additives into the sealer before applying it (see the “Making concrete slip-resistant” section). I have seen some evidence that “polished concrete” can be slippery even after a good cleaning and drying. 

Concrete floors can create an echo effect and be loud, but not as loud as wood floors. Polished concrete can overlay existing wood or linoleum floors when installed with a cement-based finish. 

Polished overlays are a great option if you want to cover old or outdated floors and create a blank canvas for personalization. 

Polished concrete floors are a popular choice because they have a clean, sleek, industrial look that matches contemporary decor. One of the many benefits of polished concrete is that it is a low maintenance and very durable material. Polished floors are durable, easy to clean, and abrasion-resistant, making it a great choice for high-end homes and offices. 

It’s durable, so you don’t need a lot of maintenance – just a little sanding, cleaning, and a few drops of water to keep it looking great. 

This powerful commercial kit can be done dry or deep cleaned and is also useful for carpeting in the home. It can scrub and inspect most types of hardwood floors, making it one of the most popular choices for cleaning and maintaining floors in the home. 

It can be scrubbed, polished and sealed, and it is recommended to keep children and pets away to make it easy and seal it with ease. 

Remove all dirt and dust particles that can contaminate or scratch the floor and clean it with a brush. 

Hardwood floors add a nice touch to your home, but they require care and maintenance to maintain their appearance. They can’t handle a lot of water, so keep it to a minimum, and it shouldn’t happen every day without heavy suction. 

The experts have 50 years of experience in cleaning and restoration. Paste wax has been used for decades and can be seen on hand-scraped wood floors. Read our tips for hardwood floor care, including finishing your hardwood floors. 

Upholstered rugs, which are easier to clean than carpet, can help clean hardwood floors just as they do with carpet. 

Although concrete is hard and has a smooth surface, it can also have an abrasive effect on your foot, especially in the cold months. 

A polished concrete floor is achieved by using concrete, cement, gravel, sand and water and using chemical compressors. The poured concrete is then polished with a diamond polishing tool that gets progressively finer until a shine and smoothness is achieved. During the winter months, concrete floors can become slippery due to the lack of humidity and the presence of saltwater. 

When the sun is shining, a polished concrete floor absorbs heat and holds it for a long time, especially during the winter months. 

A polished concrete gives a shiny, buffered appearance and can be achieved by polishing its surface with a diamond-tipped floor polishing shoe. If you are installing a new solid floor and want to have it polished, you may encounter some polishability issues. There are many factors to consider when polishing old concrete, especially if you decide to continue. The short answer to this question is that almost any concrete floor can and may be polished. 

All that is needed is regular cleaning to keep the floor in top condition and looking good. A higher-quality surface means less maintenance for you. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance concrete floor for your home or office, polished concrete can be a great choice. Contact the Policrete team to learn more about using polished concrete to achieve high-quality, low-maintenance floors. 

Concrete flooring must be installed with supporting beams, and retaining walls that support the weight can be determined by a professional engineer. Be an architect or contractor considering polished concrete floors for your next building. 

There are overlays and microtopping that can be applied to floors such as wood, tile or even vinyl flooring if the surface is properly prepared. Surface preparation and finishing of the overlay must be done carefully to achieve the best results. Properly polished equipment will leave permanent marks on the surface, and the stain will be permanent, but defects are also permanent. Although there may be technical issues with staining the floor or polishing the equipment, leave most projects to the professionals and do not use the polishing machines.

The Importance Of Proper Ventailation In Your Home And How It Can Prevent You From Falling Sick

When we make our houses more efficient, they also become more airtight, which requires good ventilation. When a home is not adequately ventilated, indoor air quality suffers, resulting in stale air. 

In today’s more energy-efficient homes, it is vital to provide adequate ventilation to remove airborne pollutants and reduce moisture and odours. Ventilation works by moving air through the home so that the air in your home is clean and pure. Whether you use exhaust fans or range hoods before you decide to ventilate the entire house, here are some products to help you ventilate your homes and keep them smelling fresh and healthy. 

If natural ventilation alone isn’t compelling enough, additional targeted ventilation can help improve air quality. If your home needs more than just natural ventilation, a complete ventilation system can be a great solution to improve indoor air quality. If you need help improving your home’s ventilation, check out our indoor air quality solutions. 

Have intelligent products to keep your home healthy so you can manage humidity and increase energy efficiencies, such as smart thermostats, air conditioners, and air handlers. 

Without proper ventilation in your home, cold weather can quickly lead to discomfort. Improving air circulation in your home not only helps you feel more comfortable but also improves indoor air quality and reduces the risk of moisture damage in your home. Fresh-smelling air can be one of the benefits of upgrading your home’s ventilation. It is also a great source of fresh, clean and healthy atmosphere for your family and friends. 

An airtight home can prevent moisture from entering the house and making it susceptible to mould. 

V-ventilation is an integral part of an energy-efficient home because it helps save on utility bills by wasting less electricity. There is a reduction in humidity in the house, which means fewer cooling systems are used in your home, translating directly into energy savings. Ventilating the attic can also help with utility bills, as the heat stored in this part of the home can reduce the air conditioning system’s efficiency. 

Although there are several ways to ventilate, fresh air is a crucial way to prevent respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. 

Every time you prepare a meal or do laundry, air conditioners add moisture to the air in your home. 

Without adequate ventilation, the moisture has no way out and remains trapped inside, leading to mould and mildew problems that threaten the structure and beauty of your home as well as the health of you and your family. Believe it or not, properly ventilating the stuffy air in a home can keep you comfortable inside when the world is getting warmer outside. A great way to do this is to remove the hot air from homes, which allows the cooler air to circulate better. 

For the air in your home not to stagnate, there needs to be an exchange between the indoor air and the outdoor air, and this is where your home ventilation system comes in. This is because there is no simultaneous exchange of air between the house and the outside world. Home ventilation systems help circulate the air inside the home and, very importantly, keep the air moving between different areas of the home. 

Singapore are extremely humid, which affects the air, regardless of the central ventilation system, but they are not hot. With hot temperatures in Singapore, it is crucial to understand that ventilation is essential to maintain health and comfort in your home. Most modern homes are well-insulated and sealed, which is a significant reason for the high levels of air pollution in our homes. 

A tightly sealed home can trap germs and toxins in the air, creating layers of moisture that can lead to mould and mildew. High humidity outdoors is also a risk, as moisture damage and mould can form quickly. 

You may think that the air quality where you live is excellent, but in many cases, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. This is necessary for people who maintain an active indoor lifestyle or who choose to play indoor sports during the warmer months. Proper ventilation can also be a lifesaver for allergy sufferers, especially if they live in a busy inner-city area.

The Natural Way Of Cleaning Your Home

Most dirt, dust, and splatter ends up on the outside of your kitchen cabinets, so give them a good scrubbing once a week. Although hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way to ensure your cabinets get the cleaning they need, it pays to learn how to do it yourself. When harmful bacteria and mould start showing up in your closet, it not only looks ugly but also causes problems for your health. 

Just take a microfiber cloth, wipe down your cabinets and make sure they are clean and tidy. Make sure all drawers and cabinets are clean, as well as your countertops and kitchen appliances. 

For grease and stains, try a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon water, and rinse with a clean cloth. If it’s a sticky mess, mix a paste of baking soda and water and gently scrub it off. Scrub everything off by wiping the mess with rags or paper towels, scrubbing with a sponge, rinsing, and scrubbing again. 

To give your solution a disinfecting effect, add white vinegar, which has antibacterial properties. This removes dirt and moderately greasy stains and is a safe and effective formula for painting and finishing wood and for surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Mix it in a spray bottle and spray the entire surface of your kitchen cabinet with a wax cloth. Use a microfiber cloth sponge (best to avoid saturating the wood) and apply as you go. 

Luckily, the best way to clean kitchen cabinets is easy, cheap, and chemical-free. Follow the cabinet cleaning tips above to help prevent dirt and dust. 

Spray the solution on the outside of the cabinet doors and leave it for one to two minutes, then spray the inside of each cabinet in a ratio of 1: 1. Spray the inside of each cabinet with a mixture of water and a non-toxic solution in a ratio of 2: 2. 

To clean the ceiling of the kitchen slab, sweep the floor and follow with a mop, then back. If your schedule does not allow for deep cleaning of the kitchen, you should hire a kitchen cleaning company. 

This company also uses an online app that allows you to track the cleaning team’s arrival and performance details. 

Instead of wiping down cabinets frequently, it’s best to clean your kitchen cabinets with a weekly spot treatment. Simply spray a multi-purpose cleaner on a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints, splatters, and other grime. Give your cabinets a deep cleaning three to four times a year and a basic cleaning every three to four years. 

If your cabinets have glass inserts, spray a clean cloth with a vinegar mixture or commercial glass cleaner and wipe the glass. Dried-on food splatters are usually relatively easy to remove from glass, but you may need to tackle each stain individually to get rid of it completely. Next, dab on a mild cleaner with a microfiber cloth and wipe down the shelves, doors, and exterior doors. If the glass is in use in your cabinet, simply wipe it down with the cleaning cloth and spray it with vinegar or a mixture of commercial eyeglass cleaner. 

Do not use abrasive cleaners on the glass, and do not wipe the panels until you are finished cleaning them. 

If you look at the pictures of the kitchen cabinets in my previous post on interior cleaning, you will notice a lot of stains on the walls, floors, and even the cabinets themselves. If stains or dried grease remain on the cabinets, you may need to add an extra step even after you’ve cleaned them. If you clean your kitchen cabinets by following these steps, they will regain their original colour and shine and make your entire kitchen look new. Tracks and dust build up so quickly that you may not even notice that your once-white cabinets are looking a little dingy. 

To restore those all-important cabinets to pristine condition, follow this step-by-step guide and do the cabinets yourself or make them a priority to try one day. While you will need to remove the contents and temporarily store them on a countertop or elsewhere, you can opt for a graduated cabinet cleaning process to clean your cabinets. Although porous materials can become stubbornly sticky, most kitchen cabinets are made of what is known as a porous material, so a gentle approach can be taken with metal or laminate. 

Work through one cabinet or drawer at a time, cleaning the inside and removing the contents. If the cabinet is empty, you should take out the paper and throw it away, but if possible, throw away all the shelves and papers. 

Give the inside of the sink a quick scrub and rinse, then fill it with warm, soapy water and fill it to the brim.